Uvex Perfexxion II Glamour
Uvex Perfexxion II Glamour

Uvex Perfexxion II Glamour

Reference UVS4364820104

The Uvex product developers and designers have put all their expertise into the continued development of this riding helmet. The new glamour version is adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals, imparting a sporty look with a discreet sparkle.

Uvex Perfexxion II Glamour - 52.411 kr.
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- 52.411 kr.
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52.411 kr.
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The perfexxion II glamour is a sophisticated combination of sportiness, temperature regulation and safety. A crucial element of this development is the innovative uvex Pentagon Dynamic Ventilation System, which combines trendsetting design with optimum temperature regulation. The enlargement of the existing ventilation ducts in combination with the innovative honeycomb structure has significantly improved air exchange in comparison to the previous system. The new glamour version features 44 elegant Swarovski crystals incorporated into the new design and the ventilation grilles match the colour of the helmet, giving the superstar among uvex riding helmets a deliberately understated touch of style.

The slimmer shape of the helmet means that the perfexxion II is even lighter than its predecessor and ergonomically perfectly adapted to the requirements of sporty riding. Another of the helmets safety-relevant innovations is the extended outer shell at the back of the head, which extends over the neck to provide maximum protection including for the back of the riders head. A ponytail cut-out ensures comfortable fit. This riding helmet offers lighter and more comprehensive protection than ever before.

The wearing comfort is also enhanced by the interior: washable pads made of soft-touch material and memory foam as well as the IAS 3D size adjustment system guarantee a perfect fit on every head. The uvex perfexxion II glamour almost makes the rider forget they are wearing a helmet.

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