About lÝfland

Lifland has serviced the horse sector for over 30 years and Liflandĺs experienced staff has good knowledge of everything concerning the Icelandic Horse, be it the fine balance of shoeing our gaited horses, correct feeding, fencing, saddles, tack or other items concerning our unique horse breed. We make it our goal to offer a wide variety of products in different price ranges so that everyone can find something that suits them.

Weather you seek equipment for a leisurely hobby ride or for top competition you will find what you need at Lifland.á


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LÝfland ehf.

Verslun ReykjavÝk á| áLynghßls 3 á| á110 ReykjavÝk á| áSÝmi: 540 1125

Verslun Akureyri á| áLˇnsbakka á| á601 Akureyri á| áSÝmi: 540 1150

Skrifstofa á| áBr˙arvogi 1-3 á| á104 ReykjavÝk á| áSÝmi: 540 1100

BŠnda■jˇnustan Bl÷nduˇsi á| áEfstubraut 1 á| á540 Bl÷nduˇsi á| áSÝmi: 540 1155