Mountain rides on Icelandic horses
Mountain rides on Icelandic horses

Mountain rides on Icelandic horses

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A photography book from horse treks in the Icelandic highlands. Available in English and German.
Mountain Rides on Icelandic Horses
Anmut und Zauber der Islandpferde

Mountain Rides on Icelandic Horses - 3.955 kr.
Anmut und Zauber der Islandpferde - 3.955 kr.
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3.955 kr.
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The photographs in this book show the passion of riders on Icelandic highland horse riding treks. Photographer Lrus Karl Ingason has joined them on treks from the year 2011, collecting images for a book depicting the varieties of weather and circumstances that await horses and riders in the Icelandic highlands.

Lrus Karl has worked as a photographer for 30 years and has worked both as an commercial photographer and also served various institutions and government departments.

In the past years he has illustrated many books on Icelandic nature, most relating to fly fishing, but his last books were Timeless Nature, published in 2014 and in 2017 he illustrated the cook book Taste of Iceland.

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